My Cleaning Tools

Posted by Jennifer, Owner of Natural Choice Cleaning Services, North Bay Ontario 

Like a construction worker or a professional painter, professional cleaners have their preferred cleaning tools and cleaners as well.

When I first started my cleaning business I would use the clients vacuum, mop, and cleaners. After using a wide range of different cleaning tools and cleaners I came to really like specific cleaners and tools. As my business grew and grew I was able to afford to purchase quality tools which help me to provide a superior service to my clients.

My Vacuum

I used several types of vacuums over the years but it was clear that the Dyson vacuum is a superior machine. I chose to purchase the Dyson DC23 Motorhead. It is a canister vacuum that has superior suction, never runs out of suction and it is asthma and allergy certified. I am able to vacuum under beds and most furniture, where most uprights vacuums and some canister vacuums cannot go.

CLICK HERE to find out more information about the Dyson DC23 Motorhead.

My Mops

I use the Shark Steam Mop S3505. This steam mop does a very good job at cleaning hard surface floors such as tile floors, hardwood floors, etc. The steam mop doesn't only remove dirt very well it heats up to 180 degrees and kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. So not only do your floors look clean, they are sanitized without harmful chemicals and strong odors. I carry enough mop pads with me to clean each home with a freshly cleaned cleaning pad.

CLICK HERE to find out more information about the Shark Steam Mop S3505.

My Review on the Shark Steam Mop: I really like the steam mop for light coloured hardwood floors, tile floors and light coloured laminate flooring. In saying that I am not too impressed with the steam mop on the dark hardwoods or dark laminate flooring. It cleans very well but leaves streaks. This is very disappointing when you work hard to clean the floors and after it has dried it shows streaks.

For dark floors I prefer to use the Reveal Spray Mop made by Rubbermaid. This mop does a very good job on all flooring types and colours. I also like the fact that I can use different cleaners for different types of flooring to get the best clean.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Reveal Spray Mop by Rubbermaid.

Cleaners I Use

iQ-The Smarter Clean: You can purchase the iQ cleaning products at Walmart here in North Bay. I like using the iQ bathroom cleaning products in my clients bathrooms. This is a non toxic cleaner that is specialized in cleaning the scum that builds up in bathrooms. It does a really good job and the fragrance isn't harsh and irritating.

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Simple Green

I use the Simply Green Non Toxic All Purpose cleaner to clean difficult to remove dirt and grime. Simple Green works very well on grease and works quickly.

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Vinegar and Water

I use a mixture of 50/50 of vinegar and water to clean windows, mirrors and non flat screen televisions.


I prefer to use a lint free microfibre cloth for mirrors, windows and tv screens. I also use a microfibre cloth to shine chrome fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens. I carry many cloths on me. I use about 10 or more cloths on each of the homes I clean each day. I never cross contaminate by using the same cloth used in one bathroom in another bathroom of the same home. I use a minimum of 4 cloths per bathroom in each home. One cloth to clean the toilet, one cloth to clean the mirrors, one cloth to clean the floor & baseboards and one cloth to clean the tub/shower. I use several cloths to clean the kitchen depending on the kitchen surfaces needing cleaning and a cloth or two to do the dusting around the home. At the end of each day the cloths are cleaned on the sanitize mode in my washing machine.

Tooth Brushes

Sounds weird doesn't it? A tooth brush is a very handy tool when cleaning toilets. I use a tooth brush to clean in and around the area where the toilet seat attaches to the toilet. This is the area where scum and dust likes to collect. It is very difficult to get into the small area with a cloth so I use a tooth brush to scrub it clean. I carry many tooth brushes with me. One tooth brush is used on each toilet and never used on another toilet until I have cleaned and sanitized it with bleach at the end of my day.

I am a bit of a germaphobe so I also wear gloves and change them often. I believe a home shouldn't just look clean. I do all that I can to prevent cross contamination while cleaning your home.