Why I Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Posted by Jennifer, Owner of Natural Choice Cleaning Services, North Bay Ontario 

As a cleaner I am using products all day 5 days per week to clean homes and small businesses. It is not only for my own health that I have switched to natural cleaning products. I want to make the smallest environmental footprint that I can. Everywhere around the world is experiencing affects from global warming. Wildlife is suffering all over the world. Glaciers are shrinking and melting away, seas levels are rising and forests are drying up. We know that global warming is caused by us humans not caring enough about the planet we live on and continuously damaging our environment. Harmful chemicals make it into our environment in many different ways; flushed down toilets, sprayed in the air, rinsed down the sink, tossed in the trash and even poured onto the ground. We use these ways every day to get rid of many harmful chemicals. We don't think about how the toxic chemicals are then contaminating our soil and water and then ultimately harming our plant and animal life. The chemicals we use every day also contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. Here are some examples of chemicals we use and how they harm our environment:


*Found in Dishwasher and Laundry Detergents

*Cause of algae bloom-Kills fish & plant life.

*Produces toxic chemicals which are toxic to animals & people. May get into drinking water

Chlorine Bleach

*Can be purchased alone

*Found in many other cleaners

*Toxic to fish

*Toxic to organisms that live in water and soil

Trisodium Nitrilotriacetate

*Laundry Detergents

*Known to upset the elimination of metals in wastewater water treatment facilities.

Napthas & Mineral Spirits

*Found in Furniture Polish


*Pollute air and water

Ether Solvents (Methylene Chloride, Butyl Cellosive, Petroleum Distillates):

*Found in Oven Cleaners

*Pollutes air, water and soil


*Found in Furniture Polish and Various Cleaning Products

*Potential human carcinogen

*Leading cause of cancer in most animals

Sulfuric acid & Sodium hydroxide

*Found in Drain Cleaners

*Change the pH levels in water and cause fish to die


*Found in Furniture Polish

*Causes birth defects in animals and people by upsetting hormone balances.

This list is only the beginning.... There are too many list them all!

We also know that using toxic chemicals in our homes and offices contributes to the cause of asthma in children and adults, increased risks of cancer, increased signs of aging and much more.

We can all do our part in helping our environment by switching to natural non-toxic cleaning products just like I have. Environmentally safe cleaning products can be found in almost any store that sells cleaners. Many of these products are less expensive than toxic cleaning products. You can also use homemade cleaners as well! I like to use vinegar and water (50/50) on mirrors, chrome fixtures and floors. The internet is full of great ideas! I hope that by sharing my information about toxic and non-toxic cleaning products you will also make a few changes to ensure safety of you and your families health and planet :-)

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